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I got a Traffic Ticket in New York, Now What?

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Getting a traffic ticket, or a moving violation can cost more than just the annoyance. While it is tempting to simply pay the ticket, that is not always your best move. It adds points to your driver’s license, makes your insurance premiums shoot up, and depending on the charge can cost you the use of your license. But you already know this.

If you've been pull over for a DWI, or other traffic matters throughout Nassau, Suffolk County or in the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, or Brooklyn, please call our office. Ask for Attorney Victor Feraru, Mention this blog post and he will offer you a drastically reduced discount for our services.

Our office is dedicated to resolving your traffic violation, speeding ticket, with the best results. We pride ourselves in affording affordable solutions to our clients. And retaining us, usually means you need not come to court. We resolve the whole matter for you.

DWI and other offenses are serious and require an attorney to help you achieve an outcome that will consider the collateral consequences you must confront. Our office works hard to minimize or eliminate those consequences for our clients. Everyone makes mistakes, it's how they are handled and recovered from that count. We also routinely defend clients with DWI and work hard to minimize the consequences that often result from this charge.

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